Diet for patients gastritis

Diet for gastritis patients is very difficult because diet should be both possible and fulfilling alternative. In addition, eating should be a regular - there should be little and often. The patient stomach easier to deal with a small amount of food.

What diet can advise the patient with acute gastritis? The first day is better to abstain from food. Drink can and should be, but cool tea, mineral water without bubbles. Starting from the second day to be included in the diet liquid porridge (better oats flakes), liquid potato puree on the water, soft-boiled egg. Such a strict diet designed for worsening disease, in the future diet should gradually increase.

People with reduced gastric Acidity must eat more products, which increase the allocation of hydrochloric acid. And those, who have gastric Acidity high, must eat more products, which decrease the allocation of hydrochloric acid.

Products that provide little incentive digestive juice include:

drinking water, mineral water, no carbon (no bubbles), mild tea, curd, sugar, fresh white bread, well boiled meat and fresh fish, vegetables, prepared in the form of puree (potatoes, cauliflower, Rutabaga, carrots), not very strong vegetable soups, and rice.

Fats too influence secretion digestive juice a little, but they increase the time during which food is in the stomach, to split hard fats . As a result, better not of increase fat (can be a little vegetable oil, about 2 tsp per day).

This is a set of products, that you can safely eat, if you have a worsening in any form of chronic gastritis regardless of whether enhanced or reduced acidity of stomach.

A hight stimulating digestive juice Products:

all alcoholic and carbonated beverages, coffee, cocoa skimmed, salted meal, Egg yolk, strong meat soups, black bread, preserves, different spices, all fried, smoked, marinated.

Also, to facilitate the work of the stomach, you must not simultaneously eat liquid and dense food. For example, after you ate breakfast, tea or juice is better not to drink earlier than 1.5 hours. You must not to combine foods rich in protein (meat, curd, milk) with rich carbohydrates (flour products, potatoes).

Food itself affects the motor activity of the stomach, which means a time during which food is transported from stomach to ulcers. Liquid and pappy food withdrew stomach faster, than dense. A particularly long in the stomach is raisin and prunes. Therefore, during the first two months from the beginning of the deterioration gastritis their best not to eat.

Faster from stomach removed carbohydrates, slower - proteins and fats remain the longest time. The more food in stomach, the more increased hydrochloric acid.

You also must to know that the stomach have a difficult to cope with the rough tissue, which many in the cabbage, turnips, apple skin, in the berries with rough skin (grapes, dates), as well as bread from flour milling ill.

Features diet with low acidity

If you have a worsening illness, you must to follow a strict diet. The purpose of diets is reduce inflammation. And only then you can gradually begin to encourage the increase of digestive juice.

What can you eat and drink

Mild tea possibly with milk; Water with lemon and sugar; White adware; Divorced cream; Dry bread; A little butter; Fresh curd; 1 min boiled Egg; Vegetable, fruit or green peas soups; boiled rice, soft boiled meat; boiled not fat fish; steam burgers; boiled chicken; pasta; fresh herbs and vegetables in the form of puree (excluding spinach); sweet varieties of berries (Raspberries and Strawberries); mashed sweet fruit and jam; sweet berry and fruit juices; mild cheese.

This diet you must to follow for about 3 weeks, is depend of how you feel. Under its influence the inflammation and pain is decrease . And when the severity of subsided, you can start slowly increase produce hydrochloric acid. It must be done gradually.

Start cooking more rich meat soups. You can take a herrings, salty cucumber, you can do sandwich with caviar . For half an hour before eating well drink 100 ml water with Lemon juice.

You can eat fried meal, but that must be without friture (without eggs and flour).

It's a time to start eat the grass with bitterness. They increase appetite and sense of taste.

You can drink a Coffee, but no more than one cup a day.

What is prohibited:

Acute food, fresh bread, cakes, oily meat, whole milk, products from crude fibre (cabbage, raisin, prunes).

With further expansion diet allowed a strong tea, cocoa, kefir. And you must always listening to yours feeling.

After enduring improvement in the overall condition (usually in 2-2.5 months after onset) diet is increasing so much, that can be almost anything except: smoked meat, fatty meat and fish varieties, many spices, salt, cabbage, grapes.

At breakfast and lunch must be hot meal, and you can eat dinner for 20% of the all meal during the day.

Features diets with normal or high acidity

In the first two weeks, the diet going almost the same as in the case of gastritis with low acidity. But in this case, it's better to use more whole milk and dairy products, because milk can normalize high acidity.

Some people can not drink milk. Sometimes it causes intestinal distension, diarrhea, etc. In such cases, early treatment is better to dilute the milk, then add it in a tea. Milk must be necessarily warm and you must to drink it slowly. If these measures do not help, must to substitute the milk to light soups.

Method of preparation light soup: 25 grams of flour or better oat cereal, in 600 ml of water to put on fire and cook until soup is decreased to 250-300 ml. then to smash with blender, to put 1 boiled yolk, can to add the cream, and to add 15 grams of butter.

All food must be mashed, crushed and warm. To improve diet through 1,5-2 weeks, need to choose those products that have little impact on the allocation of digestive juice. Soups must to be poor: for this put a one piece of meat in boiling salted water. The principle of eating also remains - it's should be a little and often. Of meat are best cooking the meatballs.

What can you eat and drink during the aggravation

Zwieback of white bread, mucosal soups with the addition of mashed cereal; Eggs and milk mixture; meatballs; meat, poultry and fish souffle, cooked for a couple or boiled; Dairy mashed from different cereal, but not from millet; 1-3 min boiled eggs, sweet juices from fruits and berries; sugar; honey; milk; cream; fresh curd with milk and sugar; casserole of curd; tea with milk and cream; decoction of briar with sugar.

Diet should be rich in proteins, as they are material to restore cells stomach. Egg is an excellent and affordable source of animal protein for the body because of the egg protein similar to proteins of the body's tissues and well absorbed. The best is 1-3 min boiled eggs, because if they boiled longer, they also long delayed in the stomach. The fresh bread is best dried in the oven. And it is very important to add oil as a food, as it accelerates the healing of gastric mucosal damage, which are frequent in this type of gastritis.

What is prohibited:

Of the diet should be deleted pickles, marinades, acute spices, rich meat and rich fish soups, fried foods, acidified food, coffee and black bread. Consumption of salt is recommended to limit . Alcohol must be completely eliminated.

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Maybe, not so good English, but good information and advice to follow. I have bad gastritis and will heed many of the recommendations given in this article.


thank you and more power

you recommend alcohol?? coffee??

"A hight stimulating digestive juice Products:

all alcoholic and carbonated beverages, coffee, cocoa skimmed, salted meal, Egg yolk, strong meat soups, black bread, preserves, different spices, all fried, smoked, marinated."

i kinda think alcohol and coffee would be things to avoid. especially since gastritis in the first case can be caused by alcohol

Please dont follow these advices !!! Omg so many wrong things are written here ! Stay away from smoking , alcohol, sugary food, spicy food, sal ans peper and milk products. Eat fish, probiotic food and fiber, turmeric, boiled chicken, all fruit except the ones that have acid like lemon, grapfeuit,l. Have applesouce, apples, pears and banans. Whole wheat breat NO WHITE BREAD. No fried food . I've been having GERD problem and my doctor gave me omeprezole and mint oil capsules( only at walgreens). It will take up to 8 weeks to feel better , but please dont give up and dont follow this stupid article , it will put you in worst pain and take straight to ER!!!